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Through the use of a 4 stage filtration system, the Whisper Source Capture System efficiently removes and captures salon dust and chemical vapors & fumes, thereby eliminating them from the breathing zones of salon professional and their clients.  The Whisper filters are extremely easy to access and change when needed, and NO tools are required.

4-Stage Filter Set for the Whisper™ Salon Source Capture System consists of…

  1. Pre-Filter
  2. HEPA Filter
  3. Medium Carbon Filter
  4. Main Activated Carbon Filter


  • Pre-Filter traps any large particulate matter in the air stream.
  • HEPA Filter removes microscopic particles.
  • 1ST Stage Activated Carbon Filter, contains 3 lbs of high grade activated carbon, which removes fumes & vapors
  • Main Activated Carbon Filter, contains an additional 6 lbs of high grade activated carbon, which adsorbs remaining fumes & vapors, and other VOCs.


  • Easy to access and change when needed
  • NO tools are required
  • Should be changed every 4 to 6 months to maintain optimal system efficiency.

The One That Works Salon Air Purifier

  • Quietly Gets Rid of Fumes, Vapors & Dust found in Nail & Hair Salons and Spas
  • Multiple NAILS Mag & NAILPRO Award Winner for Best Salon Air Purifier 2005-2018
  • Machine Washable Dust Filter
  • Services salons up to 1000 ft² /10,000 ft³. Cleans at 400-600 cubic feet per minute

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