The Whisper™ Salon Source Capture System (dual outlet)

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The NEW & IMPROVED Whisper™ Source Capture System is now MORE AFFORDABLE & ENERGY EFFICIENT! 


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The Whisper™ Salon Source Capture System (dual oulet)

You spoke and we listened! Our BRAND NEW Whisper™ Source Capture System is now MORE AFFORDABLE & ENERGY EFFICIENT!

As so many lash artists and salon professionals have discovered, you will see that this system effectively removes and captures cyanoacrylate vapors and salon dust.  The vapors & dust are extracted at the source before they are able to enter the breathing zones of the lash artist and client.  Once captured, these irritating vapors & dust are pulled through a 4 stage filtration system, neutralizing VOC’s and returning purified air into the salon. By preventing inhalation of cyanoacrylate vapors & dust at the source, the Whisper Source Capture System protects the respiratory health of lash artists and their clientele.


  • Extremely Quiet: Designed specifically for salons where tranquility is key.
  • Small Footprint: Over 30% smaller than other source capture systems.
  • Very portable with built in caster wheels for easy maneuverability.
  • Available with one or two extraction arms.
  • 4 Stage Filter Removes and captures particulate matter, cyanoacrylate vapors, salon dust and other VOC’s from the breathing zone.
  • High grade activated carbon for VOC adsorption.
  • Easy to use 10 speed digital speed control with wireless remote. Built in caster wheels for maneuverability.
  • Available in white or gray.


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