You are one step closer to an exciting career in the nail artistry and beauty industry. Our courses are open to men and women of all ages allowing them to learn the skills and knowledge to provide a professional service to the public.

There are many opportunities for employment for suitably qualified nail technicians.

NAILX offer training in Nail Artistry by qualified INM Educators without the hidden costs of other courses. Our training is relaxed and fun and because you are able to study at your own pace, you can feel 100% confident on completion.

Certified INM Courses ensure all training is current and able to meet international standards. Our curriculum is modern, comprehensive and flexible. Please register your interest in becoming an Authorised INM Nail Technician or INM Trained Educator. Call 0800 2 NAILX or email

Certified Acrylic Training Courses “Out the Door” or “N.O.P” Systems – $1999.00

Certified UV Gel Training Courses “Integrity UV Gel” System – $1999.00

Refresher Training $75 per hour includes products and on topic of your choice.

INM Gelavish Gel Polish Training $99

INM Natures Manicure Training $99

INM Natures Pedicure Training $99



Our Acrylic and Integrity Gel courses are unique. We understand time is precious and have developed our courses to allow our trainees to study within a pace and time frame they are able to achieve. Our expectations of trainees is high. Testing is required within each module to ensure you are competent and able to move on to the next module. You will enjoy technical support and help every step of the way. INM Products are world class and we need to ensure our certified trained technicians are world class also. Our reputation and that of our trainees is important to us.
The tuition is split in to two parts, theory and practical assessments.

The theory will cover nail anatomy, hygiene, bacteria and infections, consultations, nail disorders, products, MSDS and the theoretical components of enhancement application. We will train you in the winning qualities you will need to succeed – high standards and habits, setting goals and building a successful career as a nail artist.

The practical training involves nail preparation, application, filing techniques, backfill procedure, polish application as well as safe removal of enhancements. All practical training is one on one, by appointment and set at a mutual time where your models are available. Between each training, trainees are encouraged to practice and study at their own pace. The staggered training also allows trainees to understand more fully and educate in backfill procedures and enhancement maintenance and removal.


Out the Door Acrylic System


NOP Acrylic System


Integrity UV Gel System – Professional Starter Kit
– Acrylic Nippers
– Training Programme
– Manicure Brush
– Nail Scissors
– 120ml Anti Bac Spray
– 120ml Anti Bac Gel
– 120ml Non Acetone Nail Polish Remover
– Assorted Tips
– Manicure Stick
– 120ml Acrylic / Glue Dissolver
– UV Lamp (UV Gel system only)

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