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No need to buy and replace expensive filters! Instead of buying replacement filters all the time, this washable filter will save you time and money!

Washable Dust Filter for The One That Works™


No need to buy and replace expensive filters! You only need this Washable Dust Filter.

You should wash the dust filter approximately once per month. The dust filter slides off the air purifier like a sleeve. Wash the filter on either a gentle cycle or by hand using a mild detergent and cool water. Air-dry the filter.

DO NOT put the filter in the dryer. After the filter is dry*#* simply slide it back on the air purifier.

High quality washable particulate filter for The One That Works™

Globally renowned scientist and nail expert,
DOUG SCHOON, explores the ideas and concerns
surrounding nails, techniques and products:


  • A well designed ventilation system protects both the salon air and the breathing zone of the nail professional and client
  • It’s important to control the air quality of your breathing zone – an invisible sphere about the size of a beach ball that sits front of your mouth. Every breath comes from this zone. Proper ventilation helps ensure the breathing zone contains high quality air.
  • Many don’t realise the importance of proper salon ventilation for minimising inhalation exposure to potentially irritating or harmful substances. Proper ventilation can also greatly improve the salon environment for customers and create a safer, more pleasant workplace for salon professionals.
  • Irritated eyes, nose or throat, headaches, difficulty breathing or feeling nervous or drowsy are all related to poor ventilation. Why drowsiness? We normally exhale carbon dioxide with every breath and it can accumulate in poorly ventilated salons to make you feel tired and listless and may even lower performance and negatively affect decision-making skills. Poor ventilation allows product vapours and dusts to accumulate, too.


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