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Out The Door Cover Pink 42gm

THIS PRODUCT: Out the Door Cover Pink 42gm is a polypore polymer. It is a fast setting polymer that offers superior control and expert workability. It will not run into the cuticles and offers a creamy, controlled application.

HOW TO USE: To apply, use with Out the Door monomer. Use a ratio of 2 parts liquid and 1 part powder. This will give you a creamy application with total control. Application may vary depending on climate conditions. Cold weather may cause it to set up slower while hot weather may cause it to set up faster.

THE BENEFITS ARE: Superior control and enhanced strength give you the ability to produce thin, strong, natural looking nails.
  • Speed
  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Stabilized control
  • Natural looking color
  • Non-yellowing formula


The roots of INM can be traced to James and Charlene George. In 1979, Jim and Charlene began “Nail Fashions”, selling nail charms and diamonds to cosmetologists. Eight years and two name changes later, Nail Fashions evolved to become International Nail Manufacturers (INM), to meet the needs of nail technicians worldwide. INM quickly became an industry leader by providing high-quality, reasonably priced products. INM made its first big statement to the cosmetic community with the creation of Out The Door Topcoat. Over 20 years later, Out the Door Topcoat still remains the #1 selling Topcoat in the industry.

Building on the strong Out The Door reputation, INM introduced Out The Door Acrylic Sculpting System, which is now used in salons worldwide, and has even been the choice for NailPro Competition Champions. We have added several product lines since that time to fulfill the needs to Nail Tech’s around the world, including a full one step Integrity Gel Line, 72 Amazing Colored Acrylics, and our newest product lines Nature’s Pedicure and Gelavish Gel Polish which boasts 65 of the hottest colors in the industry!

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