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NAILX are pleased to be exclusive NZ Distributors for NAIL-DO Cosmetics.

Bright Pink


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NAILX are pleased to be exclusive NZ Distributors for NAIL-DO Cosmetics.

NAIL-DO Acrylgel – 60gm – Light Pink is a hybrid between acrylic and hard gel, providing the benefits of both. Strength and durability with a no smell LED cured application.  Can be applied as an overlay for added strength or extended over forms or tips.

Chose your choice of Acrylgel colour in light or bright pink, with white or clear options.  Top off if wanted with your choice of hundreds of nail lacquers, Gelavish or NAILDO gel polish.

Acrylgel has the benefit of having no scent – which is perfect for small or independent salons/nail technicians. For nail technicians that love to perfect the shape, strength and quality of their clients nails, acrylgel has the added benefit of only fully setting when cured in a UV lamp. The gel will remain malleable which means you can shape, and spread the product until you need to set it.

How to use:

  • Prep and prime the nails
  • Apply desired form comfortably onto nails
  • Using desired tool, scrape off a small amount of acrylgel and apply to nail
  • Dipping and wiping off excess liquid, use your brush to shape and add length to the nail
  • Tip! Don’t overuse liquid, otherwise the acyrlgel can turn thin and won’t set properly
  • Set the nail under UV lamp (can flash cure until the end)
  • Add more product to strengthen and lengthen nail if needed
  • Use desired file and/or buffer to shape nails
  • Ensure all dust and oil is removed from the nail and nail area before applying polish
  • Apply base coat and cure
  • Apply desired colour and cure
  • Add nail art if desired
  • Apply top coat and cure
  • Wipe nail surface to reveal your set!
  • Apply cuticle oil and hand cream to hands

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