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Create amazing magnetic effect with ease with this rectangular magnet.

Sizes: 2in x 1/2in x 1/8 in (50mm x 12mm x 3mm)

If you haven’t tried magnetic nail polish, now is your chance! You can create intricate, swirling, abstract designs with just one tool! If using magnetic nail polish by Whats Up Nails, make sure to use this handy little Magnet by Whats Up Nails!

This particular magnet is designed to be of best use when creating magnetic designs. The magnet is small and compact, and requires little thought. Just position the magnet over the nail and hold to create a superb set of nails! You’ll be impressed with the ease of design when using this magnet.

How To:

  • Apply a thin layer of black polish or magnetic polish and let dry.
  • Apply a generous (thick) amount of magnetic polish and immediately hover your magnet in the desired position close to the nail about 1/8in – 1/4in (3mm – 6mm) for about 15 seconds. Do not move your hand, keep magnet at one position all 15 seconds. Remove magnet and let polish dry. Longer you hold magnet over nail and closer to the nail, more defined magnetic effect line you will get.
  • You can alter the design/effect of the polish by experimenting with the position of the magnet by Whats Up Nails! Get creative with your design.
  • If desired, you can use a stamping plate (also by Whats Up Nails) and layer the pattern or shape in the desired position.
  • If you prefer using clear top coat, you may choose to hold the magnet over your nail once more for about 5-10 seconds to re-amplify the magnetic effect.

Pair with magnetic nail polish, and a stamping plate for more intricate details! To preserve your fabulous design, ensure to contain your design with a layer of top coat.

Get creative and explore your imagination! There are so many designs waiting for you to create all with this simple magnet.

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