Keratin Source Capture

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The Chemical Source Capture Systems with Healthy Air® Technology distributed exclusively by Aerovex Systems® is the next generation in portable hair salon ventilation technology. This new hair salon air ventilation system is built to protect the breathing zones of hair stylists and prevent overexposure to excessive levels of formaldehyde.

This is the most powerful and advanced Chemical Source Capture System designed for salon chemical fume extraction. Healthy Air® technology eliminates formaldehyde and chemical vapors in keratin hair smoothing treatments, laser hair removal treatments and other hair chemical services.

Product Description

Keratin Hair Salon Source Capture


The Keratin Hair Salon Source Capture with Healthy Air® Technology for Keratin Treatments offers the most advanced and powerful extraction technology available in the market. It is uniquely designed to remove harmful chemicals and fumes caused by Keratin Hair Smoothing and Brazilian Blowout Treatments.

With patented HealthyAir® technology, the The Chemical Source Capture System with Healthy Air® Technology  effectively cleans air in an efficient and innovative 3-stage process. As contaminated air passes through the unit, the Pre-Filter, eHEPA® Filter, and Activated Carbon Filter capture microscopic air borne particles and kill microorganisms; including dust, gasses, odors, VOCs, smoke, allergens, virus, bacteria, and mold.

By easily adjusting the flexible hose, the hood of the extraction arm can be strategically positioned to remove chemical vapors to create a healthy breathing zone for hair stylists and clients.

Source capture ventilation is designed to capture salon chemical vapors and dusts at or near its source,
protecting the hair stylists’ breathing zone, and preventing inhalation of, or dispersing of contaminants into
the salon air.


  • Use of appropriate ventilation is necessary in the salon to control vapors and minimize the potential for
    “sensory irritation” and adverse health reactions. Salons that are not equipped with the appropriate
    ventilation needed to prevent sensory irritation should NOT provide these services until the situation is
  • Source capture ventilation is designed to protect both the stylist’s and
    client’s breathing zone and prevent overexposure to excessive levels of
    formaldehyde, or other salon vapors & dusts.
  • Room air purification to cleanse the work station air and further reduce the potential of
    overexposure to formaldehyde or other salon vapors and dusts found in the salon.
  • HVAC filters designed specifically to remove formaldehyde and other salon vapors and dusts
    from the building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

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