Crystal Pick Up Tool with Dotting Tool

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This is the perfect crystal pick up tool. Pick up rhinestones and create nail art with this crystal self- adhesive pick up tip tool.

On one end is a pick up tool, and the other is a dotting tool. You have endless opportunities when it comes to creating innovative, unique nail art with this tool. Add and feature rhinestones, diamonds, stickers and glitter pigments to any design. Use the dotting tool to create or accentuate a wonderful set of nails.

Nail Art Ideas:

  • Create flowers by using the dotting tool
  • Patterns across the entire or part of the nail
  • Add some rhinestones or gems to any design
  • Feature a special type of gem
  • Stamp nails with a nail plate and add dots with another colour

How to set rhinestones:

  • Prep and prime the nail
  • Apply a gel base coat and cure in UV Lamp
  • Apply two coats of colour of choice for best opacity – cure in between each layer
  • Apply top coat to entire nail or area desired (do not cure yet)
  • Using this crystal tool, adhere desired gem or rhinestone to desired area
  • Cure in lamp to ensure adhesion
  • Apply a generous layer of top coat and cure in lamp for 60 seconds
  • Wipe to reveal your design!
  • Remember that practice makes perfect! Keep practicing and gathering inspiration from others!


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