Botanical Garden Stickers (Lime)

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Made from high quality vinyl in Arizona, USA

Bright green opal nature nail stickers to add to your nail design includes leaves, flowers, and insects.

Sheet size: 3in x 5in (75mm x 125mm)


  • Using tweezers or the tips of your nails carefully and slowly peel sticker from backing sheet.
  • If sticker has inner cuts, remove them using tweezers or the tips of your nails.
  • If sticker is larger than your nail, trim off excess and make sure sticker does not extend past the free edge of the nail.
  • Place sticker on dry, oil-free nail surface and apply pressure so it adheres evenly to the nail. If applying over cured gel polish, make sure to remove tacky layer before applying sticker.
  • Apply a thick layer of regular or gel top coat, make sure you cap the free nail edge.
  • Tip: If you are using gel polishes you can encapsulate sticker with a layer of semi hard gel before applying top coat for longer wear.
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