Nail technicians of different strengths and abilities didn’t know what to expect when they arrived at the INM Acrylic Challenge on Day One of Nail Camp 2020 at the beautiful Tatum Park. Two hours later and nine different teams had created some drop dead gorgeous nails in INM Acrylic powders and glitter, participated in an a quiz and posted photo’s of their teams and creations on social media. Didn’t they do well! Rachel Stevens educator and judge certainly thought so and was so impressed with the creations given the participants had limited resources and a criteria they had to meet to create the nails. Click below to see what Rachel has to say!

I enjoyed seeing the photo’s that you posted of your teams on fb and instagram. Thank you! We have also marked the quiz and am sure you would like to know the answers. The individual results will not be published, but the top teams with a tie were Fairy and Vampire. Well done! Click below to see the answers to the quiz.

Thanks for all your votes and being a part of this challenge. I am really happy to see how everyone got stuck in, worked collaboratively, learnt from each other and supported and encouraged those in their team to participate and learn more about acrylic. And the amazing creations that resulted are a testiment to that. It was awesome! And now to know who is the overall winner!

Look forward to seeing you all next year!!

Karen, Dixie, Lindsay & Vienna.